Friday, 17 April 2009

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

Do you know what it's like to be judged? I was always told that before you judge someone by their appearance, you should get to know that person. Just because others have labeled them unpopular, dorky or nerdy doesn't mean that there is nothing good about that person. Most don't take the time to understand others and usually rely on what they hear from rumors, or what their eyes let them see. I am probably guilty of that sometimes.

Take a look at Susan Boyle below.

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video
Susan Boyle, who appeared on a TV show called "Britains' Got Talent" last Saturday, April 11th The cynical audience and the judges, including the unpredictable Simon Cowell (also of American Idol) have took them by suprise with her powerful performance of "I Dream A Dream" from Les Miserable.

What surprised millions - a person like Susan Boyle could really sing like that. This is absolutely a wake up call that you should never judge a person by their physical apperance, but by what's in their heart and what they're capable of doing.

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