Monday, 29 December 2008


Can you guess who this child is?
Ashley at 21/2

and at 20!

(still loves Hello Kitty)
What does that make me??? Don't even wanna talk about it!

December 23, 1988, when Ashley was born. It feels like it was just yesterday when Ashley was the "BIG 2" still crying in my arms. NOW, she is the "BIG 20" and still crying in my arms...:) We celebrated Ashley's birthday by cooking some of her favorite Thai food; roasted duck, pad thai and brussel sprouts. It was the first time I cooked a roasted duck and it turned out pretty good. Rodney, Katie and Ashley enjoyed the meal. We even had a bottle of wine. Needless to say I was drunk. Unfortunately, when it came down to a surprise cake, Rodney and I could not find a lighter. Rodney even went to the next door neighbor to borrow one, but no one was home. So, Rodney took the chocolate cake in the dining room and we had a make believe light on the candle and Ashley blew the candles out and made her wish.

Soon after dinner, we all gathered in the living room to open christmas presents. I know, you are wondering why are you opening presents two days away from christmas? Well, the next day we are off to MALTA....

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crystalcav said...

Awww Ashley. . . that's so cute! Wow, you made roasted duck? That's impressive!!!! Where is the recipe? Ha ha ha!