Friday, 17 April 2009

Never Judge a Book by it's Cover

Do you know what it's like to be judged? I was always told that before you judge someone by their appearance, you should get to know that person. Just because others have labeled them unpopular, dorky or nerdy doesn't mean that there is nothing good about that person. Most don't take the time to understand others and usually rely on what they hear from rumors, or what their eyes let them see. I am probably guilty of that sometimes.

Take a look at Susan Boyle below.

Susan Boyle Sings on Britain's Got Talent 2009 Episode 1 @ Yahoo! Video
Susan Boyle, who appeared on a TV show called "Britains' Got Talent" last Saturday, April 11th The cynical audience and the judges, including the unpredictable Simon Cowell (also of American Idol) have took them by suprise with her powerful performance of "I Dream A Dream" from Les Miserable.

What surprised millions - a person like Susan Boyle could really sing like that. This is absolutely a wake up call that you should never judge a person by their physical apperance, but by what's in their heart and what they're capable of doing.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

March/April (Spring) in England

It is so tempting that the Month of March has passsed and gone and for most people, they think it is Spring time. Well, in some places (countries) there is such a thing, but here in England, warm weather comes and goes. It can be nice today and then the next day its cold. It is so tempting that some people are dressed like it is summer time wearing shorts and sandals. While some people are all wrapped up like it is winter time. Rodney and I for instance, because of this tempting weather we caught cold virus that lastest over a week and still congested to this day.
But because it is close to spring, you can smell the freshness of the air, flowers start blooming and people start working on their yard in preparation for a nice colorful sunny summer. Just like Rodney and I worked on the yard and planted some bulbs. Hopefully, it will grow. Of course I attempted to dig the soil, but as soon as small creation (worms) started on appearing that was the end for me, Rodney resumed the planting. I just cannot stand it.

March is one of the British"s most significant month. "Mother's Day" is being celebrated on March 22 each year. Colorful gift ideas are everywhere in the stores in late February and if you do not know anything about it, you will just wonder like me until Ashley told me.

April is no different still cold and raining a lot. Easter is being observed as a holiday. In fact most companies are off on Good Friday and Monday. What a long weekend for others. All public schools are on Spring break at the same time for two weeks, while we only get a week in the States. Of course, I got a week off this week. I guess, it is better that than no week off at all.

"Happy Easter To All"

Twenty Nine months.....................counting down!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Look Who Turned A Year Older?

Yeah! Yeah! I have turned a year older this week, but still feeling young and active . Let's much has happened this past year..First, I got married on June 14, which happened earlier than anticipated. Second, I resigned from a job after 10 years of laughter, sadness, travels, tons of papers, and sleepless nights. And third, we departed for England on Sept. 8 to stay for a three-year tour. And this my friends and families are major, I mean major changes in my 48 years of living. Ha! Ha! Ha! Now, you know how old I am!
After ten years of having authority to make decisions in the previous job, it is not easy to start a new one and in a challenging environment. Dealing with middle and high school kids does not come easy either. Kids will try you to see if they can get away with murder. Same way with the adults but in a different circumstances. I just recently accepted a part time position with RAF Alconbury High School as an Educational Training Technician. I am meeting new acquaintances and learning new responsibilities but less demanding. Of course, we all know that this is just a temporary until we leave the area. What is next? Time will tell! The good part about it is, I am now in the government system. Hopefully, it will be easier for me to get a federal job in the future.

It has been over five months, since we arrived here in England and we only have 31 months left..yeah! Counting down....:)We've gone to Malta over the holidays and visited small towns in the area. So far, the top two local places that I like are London and Melton Keynes. Melton Keynes reminds me of Washington DC and London reminds me of New York City. Surprisingly, the first visitor we have from America is Danielle. She was here on a business trip and we had dinner in Melton Keynes. It was really nice seeing you in England, Danielle!. and Ashley is expecting AUSTIN!!! to visit here next month. How nice! She is truly a best friend.
The weather has been really weird. It has been snowing a lot and we were out of work for a few days and could not go anywhere on my birthday due to snow. So to keep ourselves entertained, Rodney and I built a snow woman...he!he!he! And Rodney's friends were freezing!

And this is the story of our life this year.

Rodney and I at the Chinese Restaurant while waiting to be served.

On the escalator in London's underground tube train terminal.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Happy 2009

Happy New Year to all! The new year came in and I was sick, but still Blessed! I caught a serious cold virus where I had to knock myself down to go to sleep (e.g. Sudafed during the day and NyQuil at night) and I still have a mild cold. But, I'm slowly getting better and welcoming the new year to a more positive year.

New Year-New Attitude..New Look...New job... and ????? ?Most people would ask every year, "What is your New year's resolution?" Well, if you ask me..I always break my new year resolution, that is why I don't have one. What about you? Do you have one??

For me, I want this year to be Blessed as its always been.....most importantly, good health.

This year, I will start it off with working on a class syllabus. I always procrastinate, my daughter's favorite word." I should have done this a few weeks ago, but I procrastinated and now I am suffering. But, it's okay because I know it will be done in time for the classes to begin. This may sound so silly, but I also accepted a part time position with Central Texas College as an Army Counselor twice a week and I am also doing substitute teaching for high school and middle school as needed. So I am beginning to get busy again. Also, I started my exercise routine after being away from it for 8 months....ouch! I received a wii fitness for christmas and that's what made me motivated. I want to get back to size "4" Ha! Ha! ha! We'll see!!!

Monday, 29 December 2008


It was a three hour smooth flight to MALTA. Upon arriving to the country, you see different types of people, houses,roads, types of transportation ,currency, trees (plenty of palm trees)etc...Basically, its a completely different culture all together. "Malta is a sundrenched island that sits in the heart of the mediterranean sea, with a wealth of history waiting to be explored." (More of the history below) Its so much different compared to England. It is warmer there this time of the year. Although we were not able to get into the blue water, we did the boat tour and enjoyed the scenery. If you happened to see the movie "TROY" or "GLADIATOR" both movies were filmed in MALTA among many other. It is just unbelievable how houses are built on top of the rocks. Getting on the public transportation (Buses) was quit an experience. It reminds me of the Philippines. It is so bumpy...but accessible. Buses runs every ten minutes. In fact we were not expecting to get anywhere on christmas day because we thought everything would be closed. But Many Thanks to Malta public Transportation Department, the buses were running and some of the restaurants in downtown "SLIEMA" were opened. We had a taste of some of the finest "MALTESE" meals.
Do you want to know more...CATS...are everywhere here in Malta. Maltese people love cats. Even in the hotel we stayed at there were cats around the area...Meowwww!
Right across from the hotel are the island of Gozo and Camino. We did not get a chance to cross over because I got sick on our last day. But we saw the outside of it from a distance and from what I've heard it's really not a lot to do but snorking and swimming, which is not the time for swimming. Although, we got a chance to get in the hotel pool and both Ashley and Katie had a blast especially in the spa. (See more exciting pictures below)

Contributing Editor: Martin Debattista
Contributors:Sonia Attard, Peter Prictoe, Joseph Vella, Alexander Borg

The Maltese Islands are a group of small, barren rocks, jutting out of the middle of the dark blue Mediterranean sea. In these conditions, they would have been relegated to the footnotes of history. Yet, ever since the archipelago was first colonised thousands of years ago, they have never been far from the centre of events and have often played a crucial role in the making of history. Their strategic situation in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea makes up for all the lack of resources that nature endowed the rest of the globe. Malta, the largest island, and her sister islands of Gozo, Comino, Filfla and other very small islands, are strategically placed in the narrow channel joining the eastern and the western basins of the Mediterranean. Or if you like, a bridge between Southern Europe and North Africa, or between Western Europe and the Middle East. This had landed the Maltese Islands right in the middle of the most important historic events: the wars between Rome and Carthage, the rise of Islam, the Crusades, the wars between Christians and Moslems, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the rise and fall of the British Empire, the fight for democracy against Fascism and Nazism, the Cold War, the rise of a United Europe and the challenges of the Third Millennium.

More Pictures:

The hotel had a Christmas Eve Dinner Celebration. Luckily, they were able to accomodate us because this dinner was by reservation only. Considering we just arrived that day, we actually had a good time. We met some family who are also visiting from Germany

Katie is drinking Taquila Sunrise?

Ashley and Katie at the dinner with their cheesy smiles!

Ashley and Katie in the spa!


Can you guess who this child is?
Ashley at 21/2

and at 20!

(still loves Hello Kitty)
What does that make me??? Don't even wanna talk about it!

December 23, 1988, when Ashley was born. It feels like it was just yesterday when Ashley was the "BIG 2" still crying in my arms. NOW, she is the "BIG 20" and still crying in my arms...:) We celebrated Ashley's birthday by cooking some of her favorite Thai food; roasted duck, pad thai and brussel sprouts. It was the first time I cooked a roasted duck and it turned out pretty good. Rodney, Katie and Ashley enjoyed the meal. We even had a bottle of wine. Needless to say I was drunk. Unfortunately, when it came down to a surprise cake, Rodney and I could not find a lighter. Rodney even went to the next door neighbor to borrow one, but no one was home. So, Rodney took the chocolate cake in the dining room and we had a make believe light on the candle and Ashley blew the candles out and made her wish.

Soon after dinner, we all gathered in the living room to open christmas presents. I know, you are wondering why are you opening presents two days away from christmas? Well, the next day we are off to MALTA....

Sunday, 21 December 2008

"X-Factor"/American Idol

I cannot beleive that I am watching "X-Factor." Yes, X-Factor is just like "American Idol" in the US. I never watched American Idol in the states, but now i am hooked on this show. It is still produced by Simon Cowell and American Idol is supposed to be modeled after this show. And I love it. When we go out on Saturdays, I make sure we are back on time I can't even go anywhere on a Saturday night because I have to stay and watch this show. I am so proud of the winner Alexandra Burke. Here is her cover of "Hallelujah" and also her duet with Beyonce!!

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